We're often asked about the differences between our connectable ranges and why one might be chosen over another. They are all impressive connectable lights systems, but each has its own unique features and advantages. 



ConnectGo® is our newest connectable lights system and, arguably, the most revolutionary. It's an affordable, low voltage system and is generally considered to be ideal for domestic lighting displays. This might be at Christmas to display on the house, or in the garden throughout the rest of the year.


As the system runs using a lower voltage, 31V to be precise, it's often considered to be safer than high powered alternatives and is a popular choice for people with children or animals, where the risk of the cable being severed is greater.


ConnectPro® is our flagship connectable lights system. Offering incredible durability at a competitive price point, it is generally considered to be ideal for commercial lighting displays. Of course it is also the system of choice for many people running domestic lighting displays too, thanks to its ease of use and robust, high quality components.


The system makes use of the full 240V from the socket and, as such, employs a thicker, rubber cable compared to alternatives.


FestoonPro® is a premium festoon lighting system. Offering both incredible durability and flexibility, it is ideal for commercial lighting displays. Available in E27 or B22 varieties, it allows you to select and purchase your own bulbs which can be swapped in and out of the belts at your leisure. None of our other festoon lights feature replaceable bulbs.


The system makes use of the full 240V from the socket and, accordingly, features a thick rubber cable and fully waterproof connections.




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