At Festive Lights we take security very seriously, but unfortunately as with many businesses, we have on occasions been victims to email 'spoofing' - a technique whereby someone purposefully gives the impression that they are emailing from a reputable company like Festive Lights (PayPal, Amazon and HM Revenue & Customs are other typical examples). If you receive a suspicious looking email from what appears to be a representative of Festive Lights, please do not click any links within the email until you have verified that it is indeed from us.

You can check if the email sender is actually Festive Lights by selecting to ‘reply’ to the email (you don't actually need to reply). If you then look carefully at the email address that you are actually replying to, it will more than likely not be an official Festive Lights email account. Our email accounts typically end in, or

It is important to note that under no circumstances will Festive Lights ever send you email spam. When you do receive emails of this nature from a Festive Lights domain that is not listed above, these are not being sent by any representative of Festive Lights, nor is it hosted on our email servers, which are fully secured. The 'spoofer' does not have access to any of ours or your information - they will randomly generate thousands of email addresses in the hope that some of them are legitimate, and that someone will click one of their links.

As this is essentially just someone pretending to work for us, and the emails do not actually come from us, there is sadly no way that we can prevent this from happening.

Please mark any of these spoof emails as junk and block emails from the sender. This will not affect any emails from Festive Lights as it is not in any way associated with our emails. If you are unsure if an email is from us, please contact us and we can quickly verify this for you.