Ever wondered just how many Christmas lights you need for your tree? We’ve created this guide to give you an indication of both the length and number of bulbs needed to dress your 5ft, 6ft or 7ft Christmas trees. If you need to know how many lights you’ll need for larger, commercial trees (10-40ft), please visit our commercial tree light guide


What lights you choose to use will effect the overall outcome of the coverage on the tree. For example, if you use cluster lights the LEDs are closer together meaning it will give a fuller coverage. However, a fairy light has fewer LEDs on a string spaced further apart.  Here at Festive Lights, we have a number of different types of indoor Christmas lighting in a whole host of colours, styles and festive pizzazz to suit every decorative theme.


4 feet > 5 metres

5 feet > 10 metres

6 feet > 10 metres

7 feet > 20 metres

8 feet > 40 metres

9 feet > 60 metres

10 feet > 60 metres



We hope this guide helped you! If you need anything else feel free to get in contact with our helpful festive folk!